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"...hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind." - The New York Times 11/08

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ttc, conceive, pregnant, fertility

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fertility conceive relax

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Relax + Conceive
Rekindle the Fire!
Do you and your significant other need a little more fertility friendliness in your lives? This CD is designed to bring back the "love" to love making, when baby dancing has become a chore. Dr. Helle will guide couples with easy relaxation techniques that will allow them to let go of stress and reconnect. A University of Nebraska study shows high levels of stress during fertile time reduces chance of conception in women (Fert Ster 2011; 95:2184).
CD #101 $12.50

hypnosis weight loss

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lose weight conceive

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Relax + Reduce
This visualization therapy CD will guide you to an easy change in your nutrition lifestyle and lose weight. Being overweight is one of the most common causes of infertility in the US. Losing even just 7-10% of your body weight, for both the man and woman, can improve fertility outcomes. Being overweight is one of the few causes of infertility that we can control ourselves.
CD #102 $12.50

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hypnosis stress imagery

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Relax + Recharge
This CD will give you the tools to manage your stress and find “calm in the storm.” For couples that are trying to conceive this will build a foundation for conception. Designed for everyone who wants to reduce stress in their life.
CD #103 $12.50

quit smoking conception

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ttc, conceive, stop smoking

Relax + Eliminate Smoking.
Do you want to increase your chances of conceiving? Studies have shown smokers have a harder time achieving pregnancy. If you stop smoking you will dramatically increase your chances to conceive.
CD #104  $12.50

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relax breastfeeding pregnant

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buy breastfeeding, hypnosis, therapy

Relax + Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding gives mothers a special time to bond with their babies in a peaceful and relaxing setting. Our breastfeeding CD offers valuable information, counsel and instruction that can help new mothers learn more about breastfeeding to alleviate any misunderstandings or fears they may have about this natural process.
CD #105 $12.50

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relax, labor, delivery, pregnancy

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buy, labor, hypnosis, birthing

Relax + Delivery
Are your fears of labor and delivery outweighing the joy of bringing new life into the world? Eradicate your fears and stress with our Relax and Deliver CD.
A great CD for those choosing to birth naturally or women needing an extra hand when in labor.
CD #106 $12.50

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relax breastfeeding pregnant


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3 Pre-Seed Lubricant &
1 Free Guided Imagery CD
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Pre-Seed Sexual Lubricant


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Hello, I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 5 years. I have tried drugs and counseling with no improvement until I had an opportunity to work with Doctor Helle. I had never tried hypnotherapy and for that matter didn't really believe in it. I agreed to experience a hypnotherapy session even though it was to be over the phone. After the first session I didn't think there was any improvement however, after I had gone through three sessions I found my condition had improved dramatically. I am a believer in Doctor Helle and would highly recommend her if you are having a challenge that you haven't been able to solve.

-- Very Happy Customer

#CS101 - Relax + Conceive

If you are experiencing difficulty conceiving a child, you understand the stress, frustration, and emotional strain that often accompany this heartbreaking situation. These negative emotions can take a heavy toll on your relationship and make lovemaking seem more like a chore than a moment of joyous communion. Let Dr. Jayne Helle help. This soothing CD features evocative imagery and proven relaxation techniques to guide you and your mate towards a stress-free, romantic reconnection. Order now and give yourself permission to let go of unreasonable expectations, take the time to enjoy your partner, and conceive your child in an atmosphere of love and joy.

Relax + Conceive is a guided imagery hypnotherapy CD designed to help women/couples decrease the amount of stress they’re experiencing as a result of the trying-to-conceive process.
The Relax + Conceive audio CD is one hour in length, and consists of two thirty minute sessions:

Session 1: Hypnosis designed to encourage positive change and reduce stress in order to attain conception.

Session 2: Subliminal Affirmations designed to reinforce and affirm your relationship with your partner and your readiness to achieve pregnancy.

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

fertility conceive relax

Review by Lauren: "I'm glad I found this website! I've been TTC for awhile now and would love to try anything that might help :)"

#CS102 - Relax + Reduce

Is being overweight stopping your ability to conceive? Our Relax Reduce hypnosis CD can help!
Excess weight causes an increase in estrogen, a hormonal imbalance that affects ovulation. Shedding as little as 7 to 10 percent of your body weight can make a dramatic difference. Relax Reduce employs hypnosis designed to help you lose weight, increasing your chances of conception.
Our hypnosis CDs leverage the mind-body connection by giving your mind suggestions your body automatically seeks to follow. Relax Reduce uses stress management techniques to help you relax then suggests healthy, low-calorie eating habits your body may follow naturally. Try it today!

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

conception, fertility, weight loss

I have never slept so good and loosing weight is so easy with DR. Helle's Cd. I don't have to struggle anymore. I recommend anyone who has wanted to loose weight but can't stay on a diet to try it.  You don't even feel as if you are dieting, it just feels natural and it works. It may have been because I was so relaxed  I never snacked all the time and  I just felt in control.

#CS103 - Relax + Recharge

Do you ever feel stressed and not sure just how you can relax and recharge your body? Work, family, finances and even trying to conceive all contribute to feeling stressed and can cause hormones to negatively effect a woman's body when it comes to getting pregnant. Don't allow these hormones to get in the way of your family's dreams. The best way to combat stress is to practice relaxation with stress management conception hypnosis cd's or mp's. Take a break from your busy day to sit down, unwind and go to a place where you are free from all the stress and worries that you encounter day in and day out. Listen to Dr. Helle's Relax Recharge stress management cd by yourself, or as a couple, to let go of all the stresses and finally conceive the baby that you've been longing for.

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

buy now, conception, relax, hypnosis


Review by Dru: "I have been following your website for a while now and I love the advice and just having someone there that has tried or is trying like myself to conceive one of God's greatest gifts ever. Thank you for all of the advice."

#CS104 - Relax + Eliminate Smoking Now to Conception

When you and your partner are trying to conceive a baby, it's important to do your best to take care of your body. One way to improve upon your health and better your chances of conceiving a child is to stop smoking stop smoking for conception. For women, smoking can lead to hormonal changes as well as irregular menstrual cycles. For men, smoking can effect the quality of sperm. By quitting smoking, your body will begin to regulate itself and you will have much greater chances of conceiving. Using Dr. Helle's CD, you too can be successful in quitting smoking. This CD is an easy way to stop your smoking habit — there is no medication, it is all natural, and there are no bad side effects. Before you know it, you will be living a healthier life with a bouncing baby

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

jayne helle cds

Review by Liz: "To everyone who is following this site, and getting to know Dr. Jayne Helle, I have to tell you that she is amazing! Her CDs, and private sessions as well, relax me, and always help me handle life's challenges more easily. Thanks so much Jayne! Oh, and her art is fabulous as well. Jayne, I took the rose painting to my mom last weekend (surprised her) and she now has it hanging in her bedroom so she can see it before she falls asleep"

#CS105 - Relax + Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural ways for a mother to nourish her baby. Packed with vitamins and minerals, breast milk provides a newborn with all the nutrition he needs for the first six months of life. Breastfeeding also gives mothers a special time to bond with their babies in a peaceful and relaxing setting. Our breastfeeding CD offers valuable information, counsel and instruction that can help new mothers learn more about breastfeeding to alleviate any misunderstandings or fears they may have about this natural process. Purchase of this CD has helped countless mothers experience greater joy and satisfaction in their breastfeeding experience. With the help of this CD, mothers everywhere can benefit more from all that breastfeeding has to offer.

This CD supports mothers while breastfeeding to help you more fully appreciate this intimate time of bonding between mother and child. The relaxation techniques in Relax + Breastfeeding are for at-home or working mothers wanting to increase breast milk supply. It guides you to help make milk glands open up and breast milk let-down easier while feeding your baby or while using a breast pump. Enjoy and feel comfortable breastfeeding!

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

breast feeding, guided imagery

Review by Sally: "I was so excited that I found your site. Your cd is amazing. I just love how relaxed it makes me feel."

#CS106 - Relax + Deliver

Are your fears of labor and delivery outweighing the joy of bringing new life into the world? Eradicate your fears and stress with our Relax and Deliver CD.
Giving birth is truly a miracle, and that miracle can be enhanced when your mind and body are fully and naturally relaxed. Such is the aim of Relax and Deliver, a meditation CD that provides the tools you need to help you experience the miraculous joy of childbirth. The CD contains easy breathing techniques that soothe your muscles and clear your mind, allowing you to let go of the tension, anxiety and fears that may crowd the mind as delivery draws nearer.
Relax and Deliver can be used to enhance the experience of an all-natural childbirth, but it can also be highly effective for those who simply need an extra hand during labor. Because of the effectiveness of our Relax and Delivery CD, we recommend it only be listened to after eight months of pregnancy.
Our Relax and Deliver CD is one in our extensive line of hypnosis and visualization CDs created by Dr. Jayne Helle. Each CD uses the power of the mind-body connection that dictates the body follow what the mind tells it to do.

Relaxation for Labor and Delivery is a great CD for those choosing to birth naturally or women needing an extra hand when in the labor and delivery progression. This is designed lessen anxiety and increase empowerment while helping you enjoy and remember one of the greatest moments of motherhood.

Was $15.50
Sale! $12.50

relaxation, birth, labor

Review by Helen: "Everybody, you really need to go in and check out Dr, Helle CD's and MP3's. They are really great!"

Review by Dr. E :"For the past 15 years I have worked with Dr. Jayne Helle, a wonderfully warm, talented, very spiritual hypnotherapist on issues from stress to pain management. My kids have all worked with her too… for their concerns such as to help them with taking standardized tests to improving self esteem."

Visualization Therapy Through Hypnosis

Now you can enjoy the benefits of visualization therapy through hypnosis no matter how far you live from Dr. Helle's office. Phone hypnosis is just as safe and effective as an in-person session, but without the hassle of driving or the chore of finding travel time in your busy schedule. Concerned about the loss of a personal, face-to-face interaction? Dr. Helle can help you overcome the distance through an online video connection via Skype. Visualization therapy through hypnosis is personal, it is private, and it works. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step on a less stressful, more joyful journey to conception.

Dr. Jayne Helle Also Offers Personal, Private Hypnosis Sessions

Over the phone hypnosis sessions in the privacy of your own home to help you Relax, Conceive, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, De-stress or anything else which troubles you.
Dr. Helle has had great success using over the phone hypnosis and now makes that available to you. She started using distance phone hypno-therapy to address the needs of clients who lived far away from her office. With Phone hypnosis there is no travelling required. She can also use "Skype" during sessions to get a more personal "face to face" interaction. Contact Dr. Helle here. You may also choose to use the contact form on the Contact Page.

May Special

Until the end of May Dr. Helle offers a 40% discount on all Phone Hypnosis Sessions.

relax and conceive

In the modern world, it is a challenge to hear oneself think. I dream of being authentically true to who I am; with all the noise of modern life my vision of self is clouded by self-doubt. I am a strong, capable and beautiful person. Dr. Jayne Helle is a registered hypnotherapist in Spokane, who uses her intuition to help guide clients through mental blockages.

I struggle with anxiety, through the session I have had with Dr. Helle, she has gently led me through hypnosis. In a state of hypnotherapy Dr. Helle is able to communicate with the unconscious mind. You are very much present during the session. Often mental notes, and ideas that have been plaguing you come up. Dr. Helle addresses them, and throws them away.

Through my sessions with Dr. Helle, I have learned that: "other peoples opinion of me, is none of my concern." I can only be me. Dr. Helle helps clients find the courage to access their innate uniqueness; and guides them to a place of mental appreciation. Dr. Helle has given me the gift of patience, and self promise. My life is waiting with undeniable opportunity as long as I have the courage to stay strong, and the will to hold on to the truth that I am a strong, capable, beautiful person. Thank you Dr. Helle for helping me clear my mind, and access my true potential.


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