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AG Saturday September 20, 2014
We all listened to Dr. Helle's relaxation CD at work today. It is awesome! I could tell a huge difference in people's attitudes the rest of the day. I would like to listen to it with the whole staff on Mondays. This relaxation CD, will not only benefit couples who are trying to conceive, but will help anyone with stress in their life. It instantly relaxes you, and keeps you relaxed throughout the day!
BR Saturday September 20, 2014
After trying to conceive for quite a while and not being able to accomplish this, I found this conception Cd a refreshing change. I was able to relax with the soothing voice of Dr. Helle and it gave me much needed sleep. I look forward to listening to my CD each day.
CK Friday February 21, 2014
I found the CD very relaxing and helpful in getting focused. The music was a wonderful blend that fit well with Dr. Helle's voice. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is stressed about getting pregnant. It worked for us.
C J Tunstall Thursday January 2, 2014
Dr. Helle helped a friend of mine with conception and we are all grateful to her.
From: Calif
CK Wednesday October 30, 2013
This CD really helped me feel relaxed. I had been feeling so stressed, worrying about getting pregnant, I couldn't sleep. Dr helle's voice was so soothing that I felt as if I was drifting on a cloud. Thank you for caring enough to make this CD available.
CE Thursday October 24, 2013
I like this CD. Dr Helle's voice walks you through a full body relaxation, from toes to scalp. The only thing that I found a little distracting was the advertising between the 2 sections of the CD. Still, I would recommend this CD to anyone.

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