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Are you stressed because you have had a difficult time conceiving
or have you had a difficult time conceiving because you are stressed?

This time can be very worrisome with all the chores that come with trying to conceive - charting, timed intercourse, dryness issues and the everyday stressors associated with the need and wanting to become pregnant... Our Conception Relaxation CD's offer an effective and supportive approach to prepare your body to become pregnant, by gentle affirmations of relaxation and teaching you techniques to let everything go and unwind to assist you in conceiving.


I am so thankful for Dr. Helle! She is changed my life in so many ways... I have listened to her CD's to relax and afterwards I always feel my worries somehow melt away. I also love having sessions where she tailors the hypnosis to my specific situation. For my wedding, I was worried that I would be so nervous that I wouldn't enjoy it but after a phone session with Dr Helle I was able to be calm and present during my wedding and I loved every moment. But the best part is, I saw her again for fertility concerns and she helped me so I was able to conceive a baby the first month after our session. She is amazing! ~ A Forever Grateful Client

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